RealCalls is a member of ITSPA (the Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association) and adheres to the ITSPA Code of Practice, which we have published here as well as all relevant ITSPA Best Practice Recommendations.

The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association is the The voice of advanced communications

In the not too distant future, as the world moves from analogue to digital, VoIP will become the standard for the delivery of voice traffic. Ensuring that the standards created by or imposed on the industry are fair is just one of the aims of ITSPA.

ITSPA is the trade association that represents UK-based network operators, service providers and other businesses involved with the supply of VoIP services to business and residential consumers within the United Kingdom.

ITSPA aims to promote competition and self-regulation in order to encourage the development of a flourishing and innovative VoIP industry, which includes running the Annual ITSPA Awards (

Given the rapid growth of the VoIP community in the UK and the many regulatory issues involved, ITSPA’s founding members realised the urgent need for a trade association to help promote and represent the interests of the industry. The ITSPA has therefore been set up to act as the representative voice of the industry to UK Government bodies such as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Home Office and Ofcom, as well as to the European Commission and other European institutions. The association will also encourage the innovation and development of the Internet Telephony industry through the promotion of self-regulation and competition.



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